About Double Hung


Owner David Hoggard founded Double Hung in 1997 in retaliation to the burgeoning window replacement industry. Recognizing that owners of historic properties were offered few viable options when it came to the decision on whether to replace or repair their original fenestration, David decided to fill an important need.

Specializing in the restoration of pre-1935 windows and doors, Double Hung has built a reputation for uncompromising quality, faithful accuracy, and total customer satisfaction for scores of residential and commercial projects within the Carolinas and Virginia.

Utilizing a combination of centuries-old woodworking skills in conjunction with cutting edge epoxy technologies, Double Hung encounters few windows or doors that are “beyond repair”. Because most are constructed of extremely stable original-growth, southern yellow pine, we find that historic fenestration remains as sound as the day they were made under all of that old paint. All they usually need is proper care every 30 years or so to keep them beautiful, functional, and performing to their maximum energy efficiency.