Residential Window Repair


If you appreciate and value the extraordinary craftsmanship, authenticity and timeless beauty of your historic home, retaining and improving your original windows is high on your list of priorities. 

Sure, they're drafty and showing their age.  Sure, they are painted shut and the ropes are broken and the paint is failing.  But that doesn't mean they are "beyond repair" as you might have been told by some window replacement companies.  

The problems they are exhibiting indicates they are simply "ready for repair."  That's what we do, and we do it very well.

Utilizing expertly installed weather stripping to each operable sash, we can greatly reduce a main source of energy loss: air infiltration.  To decrease thermal energy loss, we may also prescribe "secondary glazing", aka "energy panels", or what used to be known as "storm windows".  But we aren't talking about your grandmother's old ugly aluminum "triple track" storms here... there are very elegant and unobtrusive new products that can actually enhance the look of your historic home.  These can be installed either to the interior or the exterior of your original windows, depending on your preferences.

Is it more expensive to repair your windows than to replace them with vinyl or some such? first. But your historic windows were built to last.

We guarantee that our repairs will outlast the lifespan of any vinyl installation by decades. That's less time, headaches and expense for after your initial investment. 

We offer a wide range of services depending upon what your windows need, balanced against your budget.  (View our portfolio and menu of services here.) Maybe they only need a mechanical tune up to get them functional, which is quite affordable.  Or maybe they are in need of a full restoration including the complete removal of years and years of built up paint - that can get more expensive.  We will discuss your individual options and see what makes sense.

We can help you find a way for you to keep and enjoy your home's original windows for another century or more.

Let us take a look and see how we can help you retain the original eyes of your historic home with grace, beauty, ease and efficiency.