Portfolio & Services Offered

All windows usually need is proper care every 30 years or so to keep them beautiful, functional, and performing to their maximum energy efficiency.

Utilizing a combination of centuries-old woodworking skills in conjunction with cutting edge epoxy technologies, Double Hung encounters few windows or doors that are “beyond repair.”  Because most are constructed of extremely stable original-growth, southern yellow pine, we find that historic fenestration remains as sound as the day they were made under all of that old paint.


We proudly offer the following services: 

Sash Restoration – We can make your historic sash look like the day they were made. Double Hung offers either complete or partial paint/glaze putty removal from your sash depending on the needs and budget of the project.

Damaged or missing sash and frame repairs are made from our large inventory of salvaged or new elements milled from the finest lumber available. Less extensive problems are rectified utilizing a wide range of application-specific consolidation techniques utilizing a carefully selected range of epoxies.

If any original sash is missing or found to be truly “beyond repair”, we can duplicate historic sash in every respect.

Door Restoration - A structure’s original doors are as irreplaceable as its windows. We can completely strip all paint from doors and repair or replace damaged elements in preparation for new finishes. We are expert at cleaning, refinishing and re-installing original mortise sets, locks and hinges. 

Glass Replacement – Double Hung’s historic glass selection is second to none. We keep a large inventory of both new and salvaged “wavy” plate glass, pattern glass, as well as economical, new double-strength pane material. If required, we can faithfully match your existing glazing to the satisfaction of even the most discriminating preservationist.

Functionality Restoration – Over time, old windows can become difficult or impossible to operate as originally designed. We can dismantle your old windows, fix them, and re-assemble so they are easy to operate.

We can handle tasks as simple as replacing damaged rope & pulley systems all the way to restoring entire industrial clerestory and ‘saw tooth’ window systems. We will make your windows function as originally designed.

Energy Efficiency Enhancements – Old windows can be made every bit as energy efficient as modern insulated glass systems with no sacrifice in appearance. Your windows might need some combination of the following to obtain the efficiency you desire:

  • Storm windows – We specialize in the fitting old structures with full-view, wood frame, exterior storms that are visually appealing, historically accurate and surprisingly affordable.
  • Weather Stripping – We normally recommend retrofitting windows with spring bronze weather stripping but have experience with many other systems as well.
  • Putty replacement – Leaky window panes can be easily, and beautifully repaired with proper glazing techniques. We are expert and infinite in the nearly-lost art of glazing windows.

Hardware Refinishing/Replacement – Few restoration techniques can have the visual effect of returning window pulls, locks and pulleys to their original luster. If your original window system utilized stop adjustment grommets, we can restore them to full functionality or find faithful reproductions for missing elements.

Design Consultation– We have evaluated and repaired hundreds of historic windows and doors over the years. We work closely with architects and design firms to create window rehabilitation specifications and budgets for projects of all sizes.

Following the window rehabilitation standards set out by the U.S. Secretary of the Interior, Double Hung has successfully submitted and completed many Federal and State administered tax credit projects.

We have worked closely with the local state and federal Preservation Offices on many occasions in a consulting capacity to evaluate the needs of old structures. We provide sound, real world advice from a preservationist’s perspective.